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Ensemble Designs


The bricks and mortar of a facility include pieces like up/down converters, audio embedders, video converters, protection switches and SPGs for SD, HD and 3Gb/s. That's what we're focused on, that's all we do - we make proven and reliable signal processing and infrastructure gear for broadcasters worldwide, for you.
The BrightEye Mitto Scan Converter is the latest product from Ensemble and is having great success.
Here is the comment from one customer:
"We stream high quality video over the internet at up to 2 meg and the Mitto captures all the quality and feeds HD SDI video right into our FCP and Avid editors. No other decoder provides such a simple solution."

The BrightEye Family Accessories and Control ensemble brighteye mitto front
BrightEye Mitto Front view

ensemble brighteye mitto back
BrightEye Mitto Back view